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Host A Holiday Streaming Party

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This holiday season, host a streaming party for your closest family, friends, and neighbors. Enjoy watching an endless stream of holiday shows, guilty pleasures, or sporting events with those that you appreciate year-round. Before you send out your invitations, take note of some tips for pulling-off a holiday-themed streaming party that friends will remember for years to come:

Set up your equipment. Prepare for online streaming of your favorite shows by getting an HDMI cord that is long enough to extend from your computer or laptop to your television. Plan seating and make sure that each guest will have a spot that is suitable for viewing.

Consider an outdoor viewing. If you are planning on a crowd and you live in a mild climate, you may want to consider hosting an outdoor streaming party. You can rent a projector to display the images from your computer to a large wall, the garage, or the side of your home. You may also want to suspend a white sheet or piece of fabric for projecting your show in the backyard or in the garden.

Serve a signature drink. Make something tasty that symbolizes the nature of your event. For instance, serve a 'haughty housewife' punch when viewing reality shows or a spiked eggnog when watching your favorite holiday movies. Make sure to also offer a non-alcoholic version of your signature drink for children or guests that don't imbibe.

Feed guests festive finger-foods. Think about the foods that you enjoy snacking on when watching your favorite shows and serve those at your party. Consider renting a popcorn machine to provide plenty during movies or a snow-cone maker for a frosty treat at a Christmas-themed function. Another approach is to ask guests to bring their favorite movie snacks to share as a pot-luck of sorts.

Decorate your venue. When decorating for your party, remember not to suspend or hang decorations that could hinder your guests' view of the screen. Provide a separate space for guests to sit and converse that won't interfere with those watching the screen.

Give guests a little gift. Thank your guests for attending with a simple, yet thoughtful, gift, such as a goodie bag or a small trinket. Try to give something that further reflects the theme of your event. For a holiday-themed viewing party, give guests small Christmas tins of candies or for a 'Real Housewives' party, give cosmetics or bejeweled baubles, for example.

Start a new tradition with a holiday-themed viewing party to get guests in the spirit of the season. Use these tips to stream your shows of choice and to serve-up a celebration that puts everyone in a festive mood. For more information, contact local professionals like Caribbean Fever.