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How To Improve Morale In The Workplace And Make Your Office Closer With Team Building Activities

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When you have good employee morale, everyone works good together. It improves productivity because your employees enjoy coming to work. If the morale is poor at your office and you want to make everyone closer, then it is time to introduce team building activities.

Plan A Bowling Day

Many companies allow their employees to hold team building activities during the work day. You would work until lunch time, close the office down and head to the activity. Bowling is a good sport to help your employees work together as a team. You can start the activity by having lunch together. The food can be catered or you can setup something with the bowling alley.

It is common to think of bowling as an individual sport, but it is enjoyed as a team sport. You are going to assign employees to teams and have them add their scores together. The team with the highest score wins.

When you are assigning groups, you want to people from different departments in a group together. It helps to get people out of their comfort zone and to balance the groups out with people of different skill levels. The point is to get your employees to work together to succeed.

Celebrate Employees' Birthdays

Celebrating your employees' birthdays are one of the ways to make your employees feel valued and appreciated. Recognition is one of the most powerful motivations for employees. It lasts longer then a raise. Raises only work unless your employees feel underpaid, but temporary. After employees get the raise, the motivational aspect usually does not last very long.

You can celebrate birthdays in a variety of ways, such as taking the person out to lunch, buying a gift, having a potluck or just putting money in a card. Everyone in the office helps with making the birthday special for this employee. An employee birthday is a chance for this individual to get attention and get recognize separately.

Play Games

Playing games are another way to improve as a team. Trivia games allow your employees to work in groups. They must choose a topic, research the topic and write questions about it. The topics can be on a variety of subjects from sports to politics. You would split your staff up into two groups and have them ask questions to each other. The team with the most points win the prize.

The focus in the workplace is on business and meeting deadlines. Improving employee morale team building prevents you with from losing your employees to other companies.